Accent Reduction Center Programs

At the Accent Reduction Center our main goal is to provide you or your employees with the communication skills necessary for success. Our programs are designed around you to increase you or your company's competitive advantage through clear and effective speaking skills. Don't let an accent get in the way of your potential!

We offer a wide variety of online English Pronunciation Programs. If you can't find a program that fits your situation, we would be happy to develop one just for you or your company.

If you are located in the Portland Oregon area, please contact us for in-person American accent training programs.

The Accent Reduction Center offers the following online programs:

Quality Trainers, Quality Instruction

The Accent Reduction Center is dedicated to providing the highest quality accent reduction services possible to our clients. A program is only as good as its instructors and our instructors are the best! Each instructor is a nationally certified Speech Language Pathologist with additional certification through the Compton PESL program. In addition, our trainers receive regular accent modification, ESL, and public speaking trainings from a variety of sources to ensure educated and dynamic instruction.

Our Guarantee

At the Accent Reduction Center we are confident that our courses will lead to results. Follow through with your practice assignments and we GUARANTEE at least 50% improvement of your accent, or your money back!

(50% improvement is calculated by comparing scores between your initial and final assessment. As errors decrease, your percentage increases. If fact, our amazing trainers have never had less than 70% improvement!!)